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A Rough Patch

>> Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've hit a snag in my resolve to live in victory during Mark's ugly January hours. Don't get me wrong. All in all, things are going very well and the month is crawling to a close. Unfortunately, we have reached the point where things are their ugliest (Mark is required to work all day on Saturday on top of all of his 16 hour days) and I'm running out of steam. Not a good combo.

On top of this, my beloved Grandma is in the hospital with double pneumonia for an indefinite amount of time and Mark's Dad has been in the hospital all week with viral and bacterial pneumonia. I won't lie to you....we are emotionally drained around here.

My kids are sick of not seeing their Daddy and so am I. Micah is reacting to it much like a dog reacts when being left alone for too pooping in your shoe. While there has not been any literal doo in any literal shoe, he has dumped a bottle of nail polish on my carpet (right in front of the time I realized what he had it was too late), smeared one of my favorite lipsticks all over his face, hands and arms and drawn a soul patch on his face with a pen I left on the end table (like a fool).

I'm aware of how whiny I sound and I apologize. The truth is, I'm venting a little on here in an attempt to avoid venting to my husband or taking it out on my children. I have hit the wall.

So now for the part of the post where I give myself a pep talk. I may be running out of steam, but the Holy Spirit has as much today as He did on January 1. I may feel like I'm going to fall over, but the fact that I haven't means that the Lord is propping me up with his Everlasting Arms. My kids may be driving me up a wall but I love them as much as I ever have, which is nothing short of a miracle in and of itself. We will survive the next week and a half and the Lord will be building endurance in me the entire time. As long as I let Him.

Father God, I need some supernatural help. I am not capable of one more minute of this by my own strength. I need Yours. Grant me agape for my children and my husband, grant me makrothumia (patience) with them as well. Grant me joy that I might not just exist during the next week and a half but live abundantly. Teach me new things and show me how much I am capable of with your help. Thank you, Lord that I do not have to do this alone. Amen.


Rachel - Heart Assessment January 24, 2009 at 7:36 AM  

Good job venting through this safe outlet. I will warn you (by my experience) often times, once it's posted, for me anyway... it triggers an explosion. Maybe that's why I haven't been posting about all my rough patches lately. I'm so sick of hitting that wall. I will pray for you as I totally know and understand the feeling and the struggle all too well!!! Hang in there. Your prayer is right on ... we can't do any of this without Him and what He offers!!!

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