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to be my disciples. John 15:8

I think there may need to be some sort of list intervention

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

Much like Picasso had his "blue period", I seem to be going through my "list period". Lately it appears that all I can do on this blog is put together a list of what I've been up to and little else. I don't want to jinx anything, but there is a very good chance that will change this week. My calendar is much less full than it has been in weeks months. Before continuing on with posts of any importance, I have one more list in me:

1. I paid $2.99/a gallon for gas yesterday!!!! I only fill up our gas tank once every two weeks, so sorry if this is old news. I did a little dance in my seat when I saw how "cheap" it was to fill up my tank. (Yes, yes....I understand that this is in great part because the cost of crude oil has dropped so much and that this is a symptom of our current economic crisis, but I'm going to take my silver linings where I can get them.) I haven't paid less than $3 a gallon in well over a year (maybe longer?).

2. Y'all may know that I'm a Bebo Norman fan. His new album is sublime. Buy it.

3. My Women's event on Friday was spectacular! God was so good to us and blessed our endeavors. Our "dream" number was 50 women. That was the number we were working with as our expected attenders. We had 70!! It was adorable and fun and such a blessing. We did a 50's theme night and turned our church's coffee bar ("The Perk") into a soda fountain, where we served cherry and vanilla cokes (the real kind...with syrup!). We then turned our Multi-Purpose room into a diner, complete with giant records on the wall, great music from the "jukebox" (or an iPod hooked up to a sound system, but that's not very 50's) and roller skating servers (the "Holy Rollers"). Katie, Katrina, Kari-Ann and are my heroes! I can't believe the way you guys buzzed around that room with trays of food. I had the joy of being the "MC" for the evening and, I won't lie to you....I may or may not have gotten a little drunk on power with the wireless mic. I loved it.

4. We don't have another Women's event until our Christmas brunch in December, which will be a nice little break, but we do have a super-fun leadership conference in two weeks. Can't wait!

5. I think we are finally all healthy in our house for the moment.

6. This is the end of my list, I think. Have a great Monday, everyone and I'll be back tomorrow (or maybe even later never know!) with some quality content, hopefully not in list form.

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Katie October 13, 2008 at 3:13 PM  

I see nothing wrong with a list. List are sometimes a great way to show yourself were the time has gone. Had such a great time on Friday!

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