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Mr. and Mrs.

>> Sunday, September 21, 2008

I was so certain I was going to cry at the wedding. There was no doubt in my mind. People cry at weddings, though, so I wasn't worried about it until I realized I had left my waterproof mascara at home. It would not have been cute to stand in front of everyone, reading the Holy Word of God with black streaks down my cheeks.

But I didn't cry. For one thing, Pastor Glenn, the officiant (and executive pastor of my home church), was hilarious. He had us all laughing. I was also a little bit distracted by nerves, wondering if my boys would actually walk down the aisle without fussing or stopping to play with one of the candles lining the path. So I made it through the wedding without shedding a tear. It was beautiful, and the weather was perfect. The sun set during the ceremony and you would see the brilliant orange of the sky through Kayla's veil as she stood with her groom. It was all breathtaking.

The reception was amazing. I saw family and friends that I hadn't seen in years. I was able to spend time catching up, looking at pictures and hearing stories. As I type this, I'm amazed at what a blessing it was to see these people. My brother's best man, Troy, has been his best friend since second grade, and he gave a very funny, and very sweet speech. He confessed to me later that he was really choked up. Kayla's sister Jill, her matron of honor, also gave a funny and lovely speech, followed by Kayla's dad, Rich. You could tell as he spoke that it was tough for him to keep from crying, also.

Once all of the formalities had been taken care of (speeches, cake cutting, first dance, father/daughter dance), it was time to really celebrate. The music changed from romantic and light to fun and funky. The dance floor filled up with people of all ages (including my parents!) and no one cared whether we looked cool or not. We were just celebrating and having fun! At this point I got to catch up with so many of Kevin's friends that I remembered from when he was younger but hadn't seen in ages. They are all so funny!

The event was perfect, down to the sparklers we waived high in the night as Kevin and Kayla ran under them to their waiting limo. And I never cried.

Until yesterday.

The family got together with the bride and groom for lunch and present opening at Kayla's parent's house. I had only been there a few minutes, and had just settled down with my plate of food and soda, when Kevin came to sit beside me. It was then that I saw it. He was wearing his wedding band. I hadn't noticed it the night before, and even if I had, it would have made sense to me in the context of the wedding. It took me by surprise to see him in his shorts and shirt, casual as can be, sporting a lovely band on his left hand, third finger. He was married. He hadn't just had a wedding. He was Kayla's husband. He was a grown man. Finally the tears came.

I only have one sibling. There were certainly times growing up that I wish I had had more. Particularly a sister. Now that I'm older, I realize the treasure of it being just Kevin and I. We are that much more special to each other because it is just the two of us kids. He is the only brother I will ever watch get married. Kayla is the only woman who will ever take on my maiden name (which, by the way, is McCain. Seriously. She became a McCain during this election season). Kevin could not have chosen better for himself. Kayla is a wonderful woman and I love that she is now my sister. The tears came yesterday out of so many emotions. Sadness, that he is no longer the twerp that used to annoy my friends when I had sleep overs. Joy, that he is no longer the twerp that used to annoy my friends when I had sleep overs. Love, because I love the man he's grown up to be and the woman he's chosen to be with. Excitement, thinking ahead to the life they are going to share and all of the blessings they have ahead of them, and Praise, for a God who has blessed me beyond measure by giving me the sister I always wanted.

They are in Mexico now, enjoying their honeymoon. They deserve so much! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. McCain! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!

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