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Bring on the Heat!

>> Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer is officially upon us here in the Pacific Northwest, along with record-breaking temperatures, which are my favorite kind. Since this is a blog and you can not hear my voice or see my face, you could not know that the end of that last sentence was dripping with sarcasm. The Lord and I are going to have a talk when I get to heaven about why on earth the temperature ever needs to get above 85 degrees. I'm sure there is some really good answer, but until I get there and He gives it to me, I am going to continue to consider heat my mortal enemy. I've written posts about my disdain for the heat before, so I won't bore you with any more of those. In fact, something has happened in the last week that has helped improve the relationship I have with summertime.

I got an Air Conditioner!

You may all remember that not too long ago, I fell in love with the technological marvel that is the Wii, and started Operation: Wii Save. Well, Operation: Wii Save became Operation: Wii have an air conditioner and I am now having a love affair with a new mechanical miracle. This means that the Wii idea has been shelved for the time being (but I will have one someday, oh yes, I will), but I don't mind because I am too busy being a comfortable 73 degrees in my apartment while it is 101 degrees outside. I'm also too busy getting a good night's sleep even though it has only cooled down to a crisp 85 degrees by midnight. I am also too busy thinking about all the things I can accomplish in my apartment (cleaning, cooking, playing with my kids, movement of any kind) because I have not been reduced to slug status by the thick cloud of humidity and heat that has infiltrated my home.

I honestly don't know how (or why) I lived this long without A/C. It's going to pay for itself in a very short time period just from all the money we will save not going out to eat every night because I am too tired and cranky to cook. So for the first time in my life, I am really and truly ready for the heat! Bring it on, Summertime! Give it your best shot!


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