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>> Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On Mark's and my first anniversary, we went for a long weekend to Victoria, British Columbia (if you've never been, you should try and go...especially if you live on the West Coast. It's gorgeous). Shortly after returning home, we found out we were pregnant with our first child. A child that we would miscarry, 13 weeks later. That same week, Mark lost his job.

Six months later, we found out we were pregnant again, and 9 months later, Mark had to use all the vacation time he had accrued at his (fairly) new job to take paternity leave. Eighteen months later, he had to use all of his vacation time to take paternity leave again when Micah was born. Since then we have been too busy trying to stretch one income to cover four people to take a vacation (unless you include the short camping trip we took last summer, which was fun, but not a "vacation", if you know what I mean).

Until this last weekend, which is why you haven't heard from me in awhile. We've been on vacation!!! Some friends of ours own a house in Central Oregon (specifically Sunriver), so we rented it for several days of sun, fun, biking, eating, playing and shopping. The kids had a blast and so did we. My parents were with us, which made it wonderful for Mark and I. It made the adult-to-child ratio 4-2. We were no longer the only people responsible for holding hands or taking toddlers to the potty. It was heavenly.

We took the kids to the High Desert Museum , which they were crazy about. They especially went nuts over Thomas the Otter, and there may or may not have been some stuffed otters and an otter book purchased at the gift shop on the way out. We biked with the kids in the trailer behind Mark (those of you who know me personally are laughing hysterically at the thought of me on a bike, and was just about that funny...or of the two...but I did it). We ate our way through the weekend, which means my Weight Watchers weigh-in was terrible this morning, but that's to be expected. The evenings after the kids went to bed were spent in a Men vs. Women Mario Party Nintendo tournament that turned the men into boys. Sorry, guys. Better luck next time!

Over all it was relaxing and fun. It was good for the soul. I'm so thankful God blessed us with this opportunity. He knew this weary mom needed it. I'm sure my husband did, too. I'll post pictures soon.


Rachel May 22, 2008 at 10:43 AM  

Wow, this all sounds so amazing. Can't wait to see pics. I too will be headed out this summer as a family but it's not really a vacation. It's Nick's work with Young Life. We will be living at one of the camps for an entire month while he works there. I'm excited to expose the kids to such a different environment and way of living!

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