This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves
to be my disciples. John 15:8

Happy Day-After Mother's Day

>> Sunday, May 11, 2008

I have great friends. The Lord has blessed me beyond measure and beyond what I deserve. They are kind, generous, funny, and best of all iron. To sharpen my iron. They are great.

But my best friend is my Mom. She is loving. She is forgiving. She is patient. She knows the worst of me. She believes the best of me. She is funny, but not as funny as my brother and I are, which drives her crazy. She is an amazing grandmother (mama) and babysitter (thank you). She is my encourager, my accountability partner, my sister in Christ and my mom. I love her. Thank you, mom!

You know what's amazing? I have a "bonus Mom". My Aunt Maureen, who I have blogged about before, does not have children of her own, so my brother and I have become like children to her. And now my children are like grandchildren to her. How fortunate can you be? I don't have words to tell you how blessed I am to have my mom and my aunt. My Aunt is generous, loving and available any time I need her. She is kind, loving and the definition of self-less. She's terrific. I love her. Thank you, Aunt Maureen!

I have so many lovely women in my life. My Mom and my Aunt Maureen are the closest, but my Aunt Bonnie is a godly woman who I've been inspired by long-distance, and my Grandmother is a spunky, funny, woman who loves Jesus even though He is allowing her to go through cancer. I am surrounded by a cloud of women who make is possible for me to do what I do. I talk about Jesus boldly, because I know I am loved (in great part by these women) even though I look like a "Jesus Freak".

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! You are amazing! I pray that someday someone feels about me that way that I do about you.


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