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>> Friday, May 30, 2008

Hey bloggies!
I can't tell you what a difference a day makes! I'm so sorry for the embarrassing display of self-pity I shared yesterday. In the words of my friend, Rachel, however, transparency is beautiful. I considered feeling terrible about what I posted yesterday until I realized it's the stuff of life, and I'm sure there are moms (and dads) feeling much the same. Sometimes knowing someone is feeling as overwhelmed as you can make it easier to bear.

I've shared in recent posts about all of the trying times the people around me have been going through. I have a couple of friends re-visiting cancer, a friend still in a coma from an aneurysm, a friend's husband recovering from heart surgery (he had it this past Wednesday and PTL, is recovering quickly), a young girl recovering from heart problems and Steven Curtis Chapman's devastating news. During my Bible study homework this week, we were asked to list the people who we have had the privilege to intercede for in prayer recently. Looking back at the Greek word for intercede, you can clearly see the root word "agonize". I can honestly say that for the people listed above, I have truly agonized in prayer recently.

These people, as important as they are, are not who this post is about.

It's about people like me. People like the moms who have healthy, wonderful children and wonderful husbands, but who still need prayer to make it through their days. Yesterday as I sat in my Women's Bible study and listened to the prayer requests listed above, I felt silly asking for prayer about my long days while Mark was at work, so I didn't. Looking back on how rough the rest of the day was, I clearly could have used it. I guess what I'm saying is that there is enough of God to go around. He doesn't need us to pick and choose what we bring to Him in prayer. He is big enough and powerful enough to meet every single need we could bring Him. He doesn't need us to be gatekeepers, deciding what is and is not worthy of His attention. It all is. Even better...He wants it to be.

So please....those of you reading this blog. Do not ever look at the prayer requests of those around you and consider your needs too insignificant for the Lord's time. Let's stop making God smaller. He's bigger than we could imagine. When you need Him, ask for Him. He can't wait to help you.


Rachel June 3, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

I love how you worded it: "it's the stuff of life." So true. It is what it is and it becomes dangerous territory when we compare. <><

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