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Rock the Vote

>> Friday, September 7, 2007

OK, everyone!
Since I put up my little poll about Micah's birthday cake, there have been 187 page loads and I have 6 votes! My stat counter does not count my page loads, and I can see that lots and lots of different people have loaded the page, but NO ONE has voted!! Maybe I didn't make it clear that I wasn't only asking for the opinions of people who know me personally. Quite frankly....I can ask them to their faces. Maybe the poll was a bad idea and not something I need to do anymore. I just thought it would be fun. I may try it again sometime soon, but I want to see all your votes! Now I have to make the decision for myself.....and quite frankly, I could have done that without the poll! :)

Updated AGAIN: So I have been told by some people that there are technical difficulties with my poll and that I was out of line for chewing everyone out for not voting in a poll that doesn't work. So I am removing the polls entirely.


Anonymous,  September 8, 2007 at 8:43 AM  

Hey, I voted for 'other'! Can't wait to see the pictures!


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