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The Party

>> Monday, September 10, 2007

After much planning, Micah's party went off without a hitch. I started planning months ago, less because of the amount of time needed to prepare and more to try and spread the budget out over a couple of months. I tried to do as much as I could on the cheap, but a first birthday only comes once, and I love to throw a party. We had it at a local park that is absolutely gorgeous. This was the best possible scenario for the number of people and (especially) children that would be there. They could run and play and have a great time. We borrowed our church's blow-up bounce house and set up the bubble machine my aunt bought Elijah for Christmas, which the kids loved! I have to say every one's favorite thing seemed to be the tool-shaped squirt toys I bought for next to nothing as favors. The theme was construction, so they fit right in and I'm pretty sure the adults had more fun than the kids did. My dad and brother were ruthless and I ended up much wetter than I ever thought I would be at my son's first birthday party, but oh, was so much fun and a really hot day, so it was fine.
I want to thank "publicly" the people who went above and beyond yesterday to make the party a success. It's the least I can do, considering I couldn't have done it all without you and I have no money to pay you! :) Mom and Dad....for helping to pack everything up and haul it all to the park and set everything up (even the questionable rigging of the extension cord, Dad), then clean it up and haul it all home. My awesome brother and his equally awesome girlfriend, Kayla, who picked up the balloons, hung them in ALL of the places I said I wanted them, and then went to pick up the food, including the grocery list I handed you! are already more of an aunt than I could ever ask for for my boys. Thank you for re-hanging balloons and tablecloths when they threatened to blow away and for walking around for a ridiculous amount of time with my son on your are a strong woman! To my dear friends Mitch and Jonna, who made the most creative, darling cake for my boy. It was perfect and delicious! What better cake to make a mess of on your first birthday than a cake that looks like dirt?! Last but not least, thanks to everyone who came! It was super fun and there were great memories made! Here are some highlights:


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