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One night down....

>> Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our sons shared a room last night for the first time! This is a major accomplishment considering we had planned for it to happen about 5 months ago. Several things have stood in our way. Illness. Busy-ness. Laziness. Forgetfulness. Not-knowing-how-best-to-do-it-ness. It has been something I truly just did not know how to do. We have had several false starts. Our two-year-old just gets way too excited when his brother is in his room with him and there is no sleeping! Eventually he falls asleep, only to wake up at 3 in the morning excitedly shouting through the monitor that his "Brother is sleeping in the crib!" My husband has to be up for work at 4:30 in the morning and is a light sleeper, so we are very intolerant of being woken up during the night for anything except illness and hunger (just ask our cat). So back into our room the baby would go. I was beginning to think he would be in our room until he left for college.

We decided the best thing to do was make the transition over a weekend, so if we didn't get much sleep, it was OK. Every weekend something would stand in our way. Someone would be sick, and that person would need their sleep uninterrupted. Our schedule would be too full and we would be protective of the rest we felt we needed to get through the busy weekend. Or my favorite....the one where we would look at each other on Sunday afternoon and go "We were supposed to transition Micah to his crib this weekend!" At that we would promise to do it the following weekend, and so the cycle would continue.

So we finally did it. For one full night. And it wasn't too bad. Elijah let us sleep until 6:30 before announcing his brother's presence to us, which was OK because we had to be up for church anyway. Hopefully tonight will go as smoothly and by this time next week, the novelty will have worn off for Elijah and we will have finally been victorious over the merging of rooms! And it only took us 5 months.


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