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>> Monday, January 18, 2010

Unfortunately, the updates I have for you this morning do not contain any about Sephora. At this time, we have heard nothing else from Compassion International. Since the people at Compassion International are busy feeding, clothing, healing and providing shelter for the people of Haiti while I sit on my couch, drinking coffee, eating a donut and playing on my laptop computer....I'll let it slide that they haven't gotten back to me. At this point, we are just choosing to pray and have faith that Jesus has Sephora in his sights here on earth or safely in his arms in heaven.

In the meantime, don't forget to contribute to the organizations that are caring for Haiti. I have links at the top of my blog for both Compassion International and Samaritan's Purse. The American Red Cross is also an excellent choice for donations. I just tend to be partial to charities that have the Holy Spirit behind them and the Gospel of Jesus in front of them as they serve. Meeting the needs of humans here on this earth is admirable....but meeting their needs for eternity is essential. Speaking of which....I have seen Franklin Graham on TV no less than a couple dozen times in my life and he always...ALWAYS uses the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. That apple did not fall far from his father's tree. Praise God for his boldness. And as a means of encouragement to all parent's out there....Franklin Graham spent his teenage and young adult years rebelling against the Gospel and his father. Look where he is now. There is always hope.

So on to the real purpose of this post (although certainly the less important purpose). An update on my doctor's appointment on Friday. I am thrilled to say that God is faithful and blessed me with a FAN-TASTIC doctor. She sat and talked to me for a very long time, which is unusual these days. She heard everything I had to say about all of my complaints and came to some conclusions that make perfect sense to me. What I also liked about her is that her first reaction was not to throw more medicine at me. I am not anti-medication. Not by a long shot. However, I don't like to use it as the first and only solution. Especially when you're talking about a long-term situation. She DID increase my anti-depressant Rx (but only by 25 mg a day), however, she is convinced that my primary issues are two-fold:

1) A lack of Vitamin D. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we see a LOT of gray days around here. It never occurred to me that the gray could be contributing to my depression because I am one of those weirdos who like gray, rainy weather. What I didn't realize is that just because I like it doesn't mean that was good for me. So she has me on 2000 IUs of Vitamin D3 a day.

2) Sleep Apnea. She believes that I am not getting any significant sleep. As she described the causes and symptoms of sleep apnea, it was literally like she was making a checklist to describe me and my issues. Of course I feel run down...I'm not getting any sleep. Of course I have trouble controlling my emotions....I'm not getting any sleep. Of course my immune system is body is not getting the rest it needs, so it can't heal itself. Of course! I could go on and on and on and bore you with the details of my diagnosis, but trust me when I tell makes perfect sense. I will be going in soon for a sleep study to confirm her suspicions, but I will be very surprised if she is not correct.

So I have a new hope today. Someone heard what my concerns were and took the time to figure out what the problems could be, instead of just throwing pills at me and sending me on my way. I feel good about possibly finding solutions that are natural and healthful. If sleep truly is my problem, I could have spent the rest of my life feeling crummier and crummier (and let's not even talk about the fact that sleep apnea is fatal), had she not taken the time to CARE for me as a physician. I'm grateful for her and I hope that all of you are able to find physicians (and dentists, too), who CARE for you instead of just trying to put a band-aid on you.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for me. It means a lot. The prayers were heard and answered, I assure you. I left that appointment feeling like God had chosen that doctor for me. And you know what? He did.


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