This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves
to be my disciples. John 15:8

Bring on the week!!

>> Sunday, January 10, 2010

We are currently getting ready to enter another week like last one, except this one will be worse, because Mark has to work on Saturday, as well. So 6 days of leaving at 5 in the morning and coming home at 10 at night. Six days of my boys not seeing their Daddy and vice versa. Six days. Then he'll have Sunday off and go right back to work for 6 more days of the same.

I HATE January!!!!!!!! (Sorry...I had to get it off my chest.) (Nothing personal, Mom and Kayla and anyone else who was born in January.)

This week, even more than last week, I have spent the last several hours getting a jump on my week. I made a double batch of broccoli-cheese soup that we had for dinner and is now loaded up into containers for Mark to take to work with him. I made a big batch of Lemon Blueberry muffins for my kids to have each morning for breakfast. These particular muffins also have squash in them, which means that along with a banana, my kids will have 3 out of their 5 daily servings of fruits and veggies in their first meal of the day. All of this and I don't have to think about it every morning. Breakfast is decided upon and made. No work for me (unless you consider peeling a banana work, which I don't. At least not yet. Ask me again on Friday), which is good because I will have been up too late the night before trying to spend a little time with my husband when he got home from work.

This week has a lot of time built into it for my children and I to have some time away from each other, which will help. School, gym, meeting at Out of this World on Wednesday, Women's Bible study kicking off again on Thursday, doctor's appointment for me on Friday and a hair cut for me on Saturday. Praise the LORD that he orchestrated all of those things for us this week. It will help the time go by faster for all of us and will help the kids and I not get so sick of each other. I know that sounds terrible, but believe me....I am a better parent when I have gotten a small break from being the disciplinarian/cook/entertainer/book reader/tushy-wiper for awhile. And if my boys can't see their Daddy...Grandma and Papa are the next best thing!

Truthfully, as I look ahead at this week, I am not afraid of it. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but the alternative could be that Mark didn't have a job at all, and I don't wish for that. Yet I'm feeling hopeful. Although by the end of last week I was tired and ready for the weekend, I never felt overwhelmed by my week and that is only by the grace and mercy of God. Praise God, that same grace and mercy is available to me this week, too. I just have to remember to ask for it.

So it's Sunday night and God has already been good to me. My gym bag is packed, Elijah's snack is packed for school and I have a new movie rented for a movie night with the kids tomorrow. I am ready for my week! All I need now is a good night's sleep....

I can just hear the LORD now saying "'ve gotta meet me half-way here. I can't give you a good night's sleep if you aren't willing to put away your computer." So I'm going to put away my computer now. See you tomorrow! Be blessed!


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