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I'm back!

>> Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I've decided the time has come for me to finally tear myself away from facebook long enough to post something on my blog. Not that anyone will notice, because I'm certain you've all stopped checking to see if I've written anything new. Because I haven't lately. I've been too busy posting on people's "walls" and responding to "friend requests". Facebook is like crack. I swear I haven't been so addicted to something intended for teenagers since I read the "Twilight" books (and honestly, as much as I am enjoying facebook, it has nothing on Edward Cullen).

Life is slowly getting to normal around our home. The snow is gone, the holidays are over and all of the decorations are put away. I've spent the last week doing some serious organizing. I received a label maker for Christmas and it has already been getting some serious use. I also made a trip to The Container Store (heavenly), which caused a serious overhaul of my desk when I got home. I also received a red, enameled cast iron dutch oven for Christmas (which I adore and have used almost every day since) and it has inspired me to redecorate my kitchen. Since I adore red and my kitchen has looked the same since we moved here (over 6 years ago), I decided to do a mini-makeover. I had very little money to spend, so I just wanted to add some red "pops" throughout the kitchen. What I didn't realize is that I would be able to do this for next to nothing. You see, when I hit the stores, every red item in their inventory is on clearance because Christmas is over! There were red candles, red baskets, red towels, red flowers, red accessories galore. All at 80% off. And before you think my kitchen now looks like it's been decorated for Christmas, let me assure you....that is not the case. Every item I bought was only considered "Christmas" because it was red. Yes, if I paired some of them with an evergreen bough, they would look decidedly festive, but on their own, they simply look red. I will post some pictures when it's all done, but first I have to make my own version of some wall art I saw at Crate and Barrel this weekend. I'm very pleased with my thriftiness. When all is said and done, I will have done a mini-kitchen makeover for less than $50. I think I should have some sort of show on HGTV. I think I'll call it "Clearance Creativity".

So my kids have grown restless in the next room, which means Mommy's computer time is done. I promise to be back at my blog more frequently. I've missed it.

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