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I am NOT dreaming of a "White Christmas"

>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Despite the fact that I live in a fairly northern area of the country, we do not receive a whole lot of snow here. Probably because we are only something like 400 feet above sea level here in the Willamette Valley. We usually get one or two very exciting, highly anticipated snow days a year. It is during those days that the weather men around here blow their entire annual budget on new graphics saying things like "Arctic Blast 2008!!" and urging all of us to stay home. And we all oblige, since none of us are able to drive in the snow because, well, we never have to. So the entire tri-county area shuts down and people stay inside, drinking hot chocolate (or coffee with Peppermint Mocha Coffe-Mate) and spending quality time with the family. This is great for a day or two.

We are currently in the middle of "Arctic Blast 2008!!" around here and I have not left my house since I got home Saturday afternoon. Unless you count going outside my front door (in a winter coat and hat over my pajamas) and playing in the snow with my kids on Sunday. I don't. First AWANA was canceled. Then preschool was canceled. I am certain preschool will be canceled tomorrow, because we are being hit with another system as I type this. This means Elijah's first ever Christmas program will be canceled. I am starting to get very nervous that my haircut appointment for Saturday morning is going to be canceled, also, which would really be crossing the line. The scariest part is that there is not sign of this letting up in the long term forecast. We are due to get hit with yet another system on Sunday night. All I can say to "Arctic Blast 2008!!" is that it better be gone by Wednesday, because if this weather effects my Christmas, I can not be held responsible for what I might do.

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