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>> Monday, September 1, 2008

No, I am not referring to the show that is starting it's final season soon. I am also not about to tell you that one of my children ended up in the emergency room this weekend.

No, what those two little letters represent to me are a time of year. The months that end in "er". September, October, November, December. My favorite. The weather cools, the colors change, the school books are opened and the holidays are celebrated.

This year is particularly exciting for me (among many reasons), because Elijah starts preschool next week. Tomorrow night I have my parent orientation, and when Mark asked me what I would like ironed, it took me several minutes to decide. This is a very momentous occasion, after all. I am now the mother of a student. Yes, he is a student of finger painting and snack time, but he is a student, none-the-less. The truth is, the preschool is an extension of our church and a lot of his little buddies from Sunday school will be there. I know the teachers well already because they grace the pews with me on Sunday mornings, but I am still looking forward to referring to them as "Teacher Sue" and Teacher Kiersten".

The big disappointment for me, however, was that I did not need to take Elijah to Target with a school supply list to buy him glue sticks and safety scissors. There is something about seeing aisles and aisles of pencils and protractors that make me want to buy some of everything. I love back to school time! I just haven't been able to go back to school in over a decade (wow....I'm older than I realized). Finally I was ready to live vicariously through my son, only to find in his "Kids of the Harvest" preschool packet that the only thing he would be needing for his supplies was a ten dollar bill turned into the school at the beginning of the year. Bummer. I wanted to load him up with pink pearl erasers and a Trapper Keeper. Possibly a pink one with a unicorn on the front. Just what every little boy wants.

Maybe I'll get one for myself.

You know, to keep all of my Bible study notes and prayer requests organized.

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welchfam September 4, 2008 at 5:58 PM  

Zech started school a couple weeks ago for the first time too. I didn't get all misty eyed till we were actually in the classroom the day of, and I must say, I was slightly disappointed I didn't need to go down the school supply aisle as well.
I'm so excited to see our boys meet for the first time! See you in a couple of weeks!

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