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To Blog or Not To Blog....

>> Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So in case you hadn't noticed, I haven't posted in awhile. It was not an intentional decision (or at least it didn't start that way). After a couple of weeks had gone by, I realized that it would be ridiculous to just sit down and type some post about my children's diapers with no explanation of where I had been. Which made me not want to post at all. So I didn't. A few things have happened, though, that have made me change my mind, at least temporarily. The first is that I have been asked by people who read my blog where I've been. This has been a really sweet reminder for me that even though only a handful of people read my blog, they enjoy it. The second thing that happened was that I received some free products to try and review on my blog and it would be unethical of me to accept free products from companies and not hold up my end of the bargain. So look for those reviews very soon (I don't have time to do it now).

So here I am, not sure what the future of this blog holds, but knowing that I couldn't just euthanize it without at least tying up loose ends. When I first started this blog, I couldn't wait to sit down and type a post. I was constantly thinking of how some event in my life could translate into blog fodder. Well, the novelty has worn off and I have found myself unable to come up with anything to blog about....even though life has been fuller than ever. I have really enjoyed having a blog, though, and would love to be excited about it again. I am hoping that with the holidays passing and life being back to normal (ish), I will find more time to post. Either way, I'll be following up with you about a couple of products I've received and hopefully one of my kids will do something cute that I can tell you about or something equally profound. Thanks for hanging in there!


Jerry and Bonnie Mapes January 8, 2008 at 3:06 PM  

I hope you don't stop writing your blogs. I would miss them very much. I love reading about the boys and how they are doing. It brings a smile to my face at some of the things they do. You have such a great gift for writing. You make your stories so visual with the words you write. I am always telling Jerry about what you wrote about. I know I am not a very good Aunt, so in some ways you are helping me stay conneted to your family!:]
I hope you can continue to bring more joy to us. I do look forward to them!
Love to you and your family,
Aunt Bonnie

Anonymous,  January 9, 2008 at 8:58 AM  


I second what your Aunt wrote. You don't need anything profound or cute stories to have an excuse to blog. I love hearing about your every day life. You are a colorful writer...just write about you ordinary everyday activities! I have missed your entries and for goodness sakes, post some pictures of those babies!


Rachel January 14, 2008 at 10:02 AM  

What's funny about this is that every time i saw on my feed that your blog was not in bold, I just prayed for you knowing that God knew where you were and why you weren't posting. Instead of writing to you about it, I just wanted you to know that the Spirit led me to pray for you.
Glad to hear from you!

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