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The one in which I join the 21st Century

>> Monday, September 17, 2007

I've already mentioned in previous posts that September is a meaningful month in our family. This weekend we celebrated a couple of the important events that have occurred this week in years past. On Friday, Mark and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. It's the most unusual phenomena...the realization that it's "already" been 5 years at the same time you're realizing it's "only" been 5 years. Being married and being a mom is such a large part of who I am, it's hard to remember that I existed before. I know that it's tradition on these mom-blogs to write long, loving posts to your husbands on anniversaries and birthdays, but that would be silly for me to do because Mark doesn't read my blog. I know what you're saying....Micah doesn't read my blog either, but that's different. I was sharing with you my love for my son and what that has meant to me spiritually. Anything I have to say to my husband is between he and I. Plus, I am not big on PDA.

We also celebrated my birthday this weekend, which is actually today. I keep forgetting that it's today, because I've already celebrated it. I am 32 years old today. That's an interesting number to realize, too. Age doesn't bother me at all (so far), but it is a surreal feeling to know that I'm creeping into my 30's instead of just being barely in my 30's. I hope that made sense. I guess it's just that being in your 30's means that you are a for-real, no-way-around-it, no-more-excuses adult. I better get my act together.

Part of my birthday celebration was my new iPod (thank you, Aunt Maureen, Grandma and Uncle Jeff!). I am already addicted. It is so fun to be able to pull up nearly any song that I have ever loved in my life and be able to have it to listen to whenever, without having to buy an entire album. It's also wonderful to know that I can listen to pod casts without having to sit in front of my computer. I now feel like I am an official a member of the 21st Century. I felt like the only person alive (except my parents) without an iPod. I now know what all the fuss was about. I also now know why people are curious to see what other people have on their iPods. I can't believe how random the list of songs I have downloaded already are. I have everything from Rich Mullins to Kelly Clarkson to Dionne Warwick.

So that was my weekend, and it's what kept me from posting any mind-blowing profundities (like this piece of mediocrity) for the last few days. Hopefully I'll be able to pull myself away from iTunes for a few minutes soon enough to put together some sort of interesting post. In the meantime....tell me what's on your iPod......I'm dying to know!


Anonymous,  September 18, 2007 at 12:20 PM  

Happy Birthday, Friend! I am drawn back to the year that we celebrated your birthday at your Aunt's Clubhouse. What a bunch of goofs we were singing along to Michael W. Smith. What about Who Song and Larry's? I remember a certain rendition of a much beloved Tiffany song. Good times!


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