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Taking Refuge

>> Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I have the greatest friends in the world. Seriously. I'll put mine up against yours in a contest any day. I'm sure your friends are great and all, but mine will win (and I'm not just saying that because some of them read this blog...Hi, guys!). I'm saying that because without even having read my blog post yesterday about how much I hate the heat, not one, but two of my girlfriends called to see if I wanted to bring my kids over to their air conditioned abodes. Can I tell you how much it means to be thought of? Unfortunately, despite their kind offers, my kids and I stayed home. Not because I'm crazy, but because the hottest, grumpiest part of the day is nap time, and 100 of my friends could invite me over and I would still have to bring the boys home for their naps (My friends are great and all, but for some reason they don't see the need to set up a bedroom for my kids at their house...go figure). So honestly, the packing up and slathering on sunscreen and getting in the super-hot car and driving to their house only to turn around far too shortly after that and unload and unpack and get the kids settled into their scorching rooms for nap's not the solution to my heat problems. The solution would be to have air conditioning, but we just spent that money fixing a car (don't know what I'm talking about? Scroll down a few posts). So the next best thing is my mom and dad!

A moment of silence for the amazing parents I have been blessed with. Amazing parents who have air conditioning!!!!

Today my kids and I are going to live at my parents house while they are at work. They DO have a bedroom set up at their house for my kids, so I can stay there for nap time and everything. I am giddy over this. Waking up in an already too hot house this morning was much less painful knowing that shortly I will be leaving it. Taking a shower seemed much less silly knowing that I wouldn't be sweating away in my own living room just a few moments later.

I am so thankful for my friends and my family. Even though we didn't take my friends up on their offers, the heat was much less imposing knowing that we had those kinds of friends. And the heat will LITERALLY be much less imposing today because I have those kinds of parents. The kind of parents who have air conditioning. Oh, yeah...and the kind of parents who are really generous and loving. That, too.


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