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A Sign of Things to Come?

>> Friday, May 2, 2008

Elijah loves Little Einsteins. For quite awhile now it's been his favorite show. He's had flirtations here and there with other programs, but he always seems to come back to the Einsteins. From various birthdays and holidays, he is decked out with Einsteins pajamas, t-shirts, toys, books, puzzles and even lawn chairs. He is a super-fan.

This morning there was a new episode of Little Einsteins on that they had been advertising all week. I always get a bit excited by a new episode because I have seen them all (or heard them while I was cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry) a zillion times (I'm rounding up). Earlier this week, when I saw the new episode advertised, I immediately set the DVR. The timing for this new episode was perfect, because we are having a house full of people over tonight, so those Einsteins and their Rocket were going to buy me 22 minutes of house cleaning (probably repeatedly throughout the day).

During our morning routine, while changing them from pajamas to play clothes, I announced the exciting news. "There's a new episode of the Einsteins on today! Hooray! Do you guys want to watch it after breakfast?"

And this is what I hear out of Elijah:

"Nah. Little Einsteins aren't cool."

Excuse me? There were so many things wrong with that statement, I didn't know where to begin. Since when did Elijah have opinions about anything being "cool"? He's three! And certainly if anything in his three-year-old world was considered "cool", it would be the Einsteins, right?! Right?!

Suddenly I was a hopelessly un-hip mother of a teenager. In a three-year-old's body. I think I just got a taste of what's to come.


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