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>> Monday, January 21, 2008

So I have mentioned before that I owe some companies some shout-outs on this blog because they have so kindly sent me free product. I'm going to take care of that today, not only because I have an obligation to, but because these are really good products that I just need to share with you all.

The first product is the Swiffer Sweep and Vac. I have to say that I am IN LOVE with this product. Basically what it is is the original swiffer sweeper (which wasn't really all that great) with a vacuum attached to the front of it. It's cordless, you just have to plug it in and charge it (I charged it the recommended 24 hours when I first got it right after New Years and have used it daily without charging it since). Then instead of sweeping your kitchen floor (or bathroom or entryway or your whole house full of hardwoods), you just pull out this little baby and vacuum it all. No more bending over, trying to get the pile of stuff you've swept up into a dustpan (a pile of stuff which, if you're like me, your 16 month old has been trying to play in as you swept it up). It's so easy, and it means I "sweep" my floor after I prepare every meal instead of "once a day" (and by once a day I really mean once a week, but that would be shameful to admit). This doesn't take the place of taking the broom and really getting under the appliances, but that doesn't need to be done everyday anyway (unless you're Gina), so just save the broom and dustpan for once a week and use your Swiffer sweep and vac for those crumbs you just brushed onto the floor after cutting the crusts off your kids sandwiches. (Just as a total aside, I have to tell you that when I was searching for Swiffer pictures on Photobucket, I was disturbed by the number of pictures on there of people posing with their Swiffers....we're talking hundreds, people. Hundreds. And they were not all rated G.)
The next product I received was not a new product to me. I've actually been using is since it first came out and I was sold from the first time I used it. It's the Dawn Direct Foam. Some of you have probably already used it, so I won't go into too much detail. I'll just say that it does everything it says it does. It cuts through grease like no body's business and a little does go a very long way. It's one of those products that I find is worth the extra money (although there are always coupons for it in the Sunday paper). After using it for awhile, I tried to go back to something cheaper and I was sorry. It just didn't work as well. This is now on my list of "Products I Won't Live Without".
Honestly, I am not giving these glowing reviews because I feel obligated. The reason these companies send these products out is because they feel so confident in them that they give us the freedom to post about them however we want. We are under no obligation to give them glowing reviews. I just honestly liked these products.
Hope you all found this helpful. Let me know if you have used these and how you feel about them. Have a great Monday!


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